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The Benefits of Buying Car From a Local Agent

Many people think they will save money buying auto insurance online instead of through an agent. In most cases, the rate is the same whether you get your quote online, through an 800 number or from an agent. In other words, you are getting the services and experience of a local agent for the same price as you would if you bought online. Plus, the agent does the paperwork for you and can help you select the coverages you want.

With an agent, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Dealing directly with a car insurance agent will give you peace of mind. Many subscribers find comfort in dealing with a face rather than a computer screen when addressing questions about billing, claims, and policy issues
  • You can develop a working relationship with an agent, so you feel like a person rather than just a policy number.
  • An agent can better customize an insurance package based on your needs and assets.
  • If you’re confused about policies, or are unsure about how much car insurance to carry, it’s easier to get answers from an agent than from online.
  • Your agent may voluntarily call you about policy options or new available discounts.
  • Though your agent does not handle claims, he or she may be able to make a call to the main office for an update.
  • Whenever questions arise, you know you can call a person you know and trust.

Are you thinking about buying car from a local agent? You perhaps already know car insurance is not an option. You must at least have the minimum your state requires to legally drive your vehicle. Some people neglect getting auto insurance because they think it is costly and a hassle. A local agent makes buying most anything easier and cheaper than the internet.

Convenience is another advantage of buying car insurance from a local agent.  There are local insurance agents in every neighborhood.  Don’t waste your time searching endless pages on the internet.  Pick up the phone and talk to your local friendly agent today.


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