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About the 5 Star Rating

five star car insurance1. Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professional Program
The Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professionals Program is designed to identify and showcase home/auto insurance professionals in a local market that score highest in overall satisfaction.
As part of an in-depth research process, home/auto insurance professionals are evaluated by their customers and industry professionals based on overall satisfaction and whether one would highly recommend them to a friend.

Area residents, readers of the area magazine and industry professionals are asked to name and evaluate home/auto insurance professionals whom they know through personal experience. Both positive and negative responses regarding each professional are accepted. In addition to the survey results, other evaluation criteria such as acceptable disciplinary action and evaluation results by a panel of local industry experts are incorporated into the overall evaluation process.

The final list of Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professionals includes the home/auto insurance professionals, of those evaluated, in the local market that scored highest in overall satisfaction. This list represents less than 7% of the home/auto insurance professionals in the local market. See the Research Methodology Details for more information on the research process.

2. Research – evaluation/selection methodology summary
We asked homeowners and readers of the area magazine, as well as mortgage and title companies to evaluate home/auto insurance professionals with whom they have had direct/personal experience.
After the evaluations are received, the research company (QMI Research – an Affiliate Company of Crescendo) validates that each professional holds a current license and has no known history of disciplinary action

Then each professional receives a preliminary score based on the professional’s evaluations. The scoring algorithm takes into account the quality of each evaluation. The evaluation form asks the respondent to evaluate the professional on two categories of performance: overall satisfaction and whether they would highly recommend them to a friend.

We then compile a list of the top scoring professionals – representing less than 7% of the professionals in the market who hold a current license – which we forward on to a Panel of Industry Experts for review. Each Panelist reviews a partial list of professionals and is asked to indicate which professionals they believe are undeserving of the Five Star award and to indicate professionals they believe are deserving, but are not on their partial list. Checks and balances are in place to avoid conflicts of interest; specifically, panelists remain anonymous, only receive a portion of the selected professional list, and cannot add or remove an professional by themselves. After a Panel of Industry Experts review, the list is finalized.

3. Five Star Professional conducts research to help consumers with the important decision of selecting a service professional
The Five Star award is presented to service professionals, such as wealth managers and real estate agents, in more than 45 markets in the U.S., and now in Canada. The Five Star award goes to service professionals who provide quality services to clients.

Five Star Professional:
• Conducts comprehensive research
• Recognizes service professionals
• Works with media partners, including leading city/regional magazines
• Helps award winners gain recognition

We make the market-specific research results available in city/regional magazines and on fivestarprofessional.com.
Five Star Professional also provides award winners with the opportunity to expand their presence in the magazine and celebrate their award with customized marketing tools.

4. Five Star Professional provides localized, independent research on the performance of service professionals
Five Star Professional conducts research to identify service professionals who provide quality service to clients. Research results undergo a thorough regulatory review. Five Star Professional joins forces with city and regional magazines to make the research results available to consumers in more than 45 markets across the United States and now, Canada. Five Star Professional was founded in 2003 and is based in Minneapolis, MN.

5. Our research team applies a vigorous research and evaluation process to identify service professionals who provide quality service to clients
Five Star Professional follows standard survey practices used by other professional research organizations. The research also includes feedback from industry peers and leaders, and a regulatory review to provide necessary checks and balances.

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